Will COP26 Be The Pick of the “CROP”?

Can climate justice really be achieved at an unjust and ineffective event? In my last blog, I explained the origins of COPs and what tends to be involved with these events. To briefly recap, COP stands for Conference of the Parties, with each Party being a member state to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework ConventionContinue reading “Will COP26 Be The Pick of the “CROP”?”

COP26 – Saving the World or Just a COP Out?

As COPs roll around, it’s become clear to environmental activists that they present an opportunity for having their voices heard. Yet, whilst a yearly COP is an important moment, not many people actually know what it is. I’ve written this to try to provide a clear explanation of what COP is, how it was formed,Continue reading “COP26 – Saving the World or Just a COP Out?”

Geoengineering: Billionaires Destroying The Planet Want To Be Applauded For “Saving” It

Geoengineering is the practice of using technology to alter or lessen the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface. It can also be termed Solar Radiation Management, as it is in effect managing that sun’s rays as they try to pass through our atmosphere on their way to the Earth. The aim is toContinue reading “Geoengineering: Billionaires Destroying The Planet Want To Be Applauded For “Saving” It”

Biden Beats Trump – What Does This Mean For The Climate?

Out with the old, in with the… same old? As I’m sure everyone reading this will know, a few months ago, Biden was voted the next and 46th President of the United States *breathes sigh of relief*. This was a rare cause to celebrate in 2020 – not because Biden is a great option asContinue reading “Biden Beats Trump – What Does This Mean For The Climate?”

2020 is the apocalypse. It has to be.

What does the word apocalypse bring to mind? Violence and chaos? Cities scorched to rubble? Deadly plagues wiping out most of the human population? Perhaps the word evokes images alike those portrayed in disaster movies, the ones that detail the downfall of human civilization. This would all make sense, since the word apocalypse typically meansContinue reading “2020 is the apocalypse. It has to be.”

Is the Return to Normal a Return to the End?

Over the last few months, I’ve observed a gradual transition out of the COVID-19 lockdown that was put into force back in March of this year. Slowly, it looks as though things are returning to normal. As many places have re-opened their doors, my social media feeds have once again been flooded with people goingContinue reading “Is the Return to Normal a Return to the End?”

Onions, Ogres, and Climate Denial

What do they all have in common? Layers Note that throughout this piece about the layers of climate denial, I’ll be referring to those who reject climate science as climate deniers, NOT climate sceptics. This is because climate scientists are in fact the real sceptics – it’s in a scientist’s nature to be sceptical ofContinue reading “Onions, Ogres, and Climate Denial”

The Scientists Who Have Inspired Me

In honour of Sir David Attenborough’s 94th birthday last week, I decided to write a piece about all the scientists who have somehow shaped my view of the world. Of course, my passion for the environment wouldn’t be as fervent or well-informed without many non-scientific public figures (such as environmental activists and indigenous peoples whoContinue reading “The Scientists Who Have Inspired Me”

Reflections on Coronavirus, the Climate, and Communication

On average, a person is thought to speak 15,000 words a day (Mehl et al., 2007). However, for many people (myself included) the amount we have spoken may have dropped significantly due to social isolation imposed by the current COVID-19 situation. Now, my words are limited to a few hundred that are transmitted over onlineContinue reading “Reflections on Coronavirus, the Climate, and Communication”