Introduction to the Creator

My background & what inspired me to create this platform.

I’m Jennifer and I’m a full time environmental scientist & part-time environmental activist (and if you haven’t already guessed, I’ve named my site by simply putting my name & my life choices together, since both are equally fundamental in signifying my identity). I’ve created this blogging platform in order to share my knowledge and experiences in the environmental sphere. Whilst I haven’t been working in this industry for very long, I am so incredibly passionate about creating a more sustainable, just world, and solving some of humanity’s greatest problems, such as the climate crisis.

I started my educational journey into environmental issues back in 2014, when I started studying Biology at university. However, my love for the natural world began before then. I just about managed to grow up in a time before technology invaded the lives of children, and I spent my non-school hours of childhood out on residential streets and fields – playing with friends, rather than animated figures. I was an unstoppable day -dreamer growing up, and when my primary school built a garden area in our playground, I was delighted. Whilst most of my classmates spent playtime chatting, dancing, or playing football, for a while I spent mine digging through dirt, pretending to be an archaeologist or botanist.

As I got older, I joined the school eco-committee, fell in love with Attenborough documentaries, and started wondering how I might reduce my carbon footprint. I took these interests to university with me, and over time, I gradually realised that I needed to forge a career that focused on the environment and sustainability.

So, after I graduated from university, I landed myself a 6-month internship in which I conducted environmental analysis. With this role, I was able to learn a lot about how resource consumption & management of waste contributes to environmental issues. From here, I went on to work at an environmental consultancy, where my work focuses on waste management issues, such as pollution.

My work has allowed me to learn a lot about how our 21st century modern lives can impact local Eco-systems, the health of others, and the environment at large. Another great thing I’ve experienced so far in my career, is how many personal development opportunities I’ve been given. This has encouraged me to read books and watch lots of documentaries that are on the subject of environmental issues, which has, in turn, motivated me to get involved in activism.

Since I’m currently constantly pushing myself to learn more about the environment, this is something I want to share. I want to pass on my knowledge, and hopefully also my passion (hopefully, this can be like the good kind of infection the world needs right now). I aim to use this page to post all sorts of environmental or sustainability pieces – from my opinions on certain issues within this subject; guides on how-to or why you should lower your carbon footprint; information on how problems such as the climate crisis may affect you; and reviews or links to other relevant materials. And if I’m feeling creative enough, I may even share the planet-related poems I sometimes find myself writing.

So, if you’re reading, then I hope you’ll be interested in what I have to say, and that you’ll learn something new and really take something away from this. Please do feel encouraged to comment on any of my blog posts, to say what you think, open up a new discussion on the subject, or to provide feedback. And don’t forget to scroll down & subscribe!

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